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Secrets to win tattoo conventions | Elevate your tattooing skills 

Comprehensive Training Plan for Beginner & Professional Tattoo Artists -
Learn Fine Art Fundamentals

Tattooing is an art form that requires a combination of technical skill and artistic ability. While many tattoo artists are self-taught, they often lack the proper guidance and knowledge of fine art fundamentals, which can lead to subpar work and unhappy clients. Understanding the principles of forms, shapes, composition, light, shadow, and color harmony is essential for creating high-quality tattoos that not only look good but also stand the test of time. By sharing this knowledge i can help you improve your work and elevate your portfolio to become successful in this industry.


Fine Art training for tattoo artist. This art class teaches all the fine art fundamentals designing skills and techniques for any tattoo artist to elevate their tattoo portfolio by making mesmerizing tattoos

Are you a self-taught tattoo artist who has been working on real skin for real clients but only does basic tattoos? Or maybe you're working on realism or other styles too, but you struggle with choosing the right color pallete to work on different skin tones. You do red, but it looks muddy on the skin, or your tattoos look faded and washed after healing. When you mix colors, it all becomes muddy on the skin and doesn't look attractive, and you end up losing clients. We know all of these can be so frustrating, but don't worry, I have got your back.


This comprehensive training plan for both beginner tattoo artists ( you will save a lot of years ) and professional tattoo artist covers the principles of forms, shapes, composition, light, shadow, and color harmony, which are essential for creating high-quality tattoos that not only look good but also stand the test of time. With guidance and support, you can improve your work and become successful in your career. 

Training plan covers the following topics:

  1. Forms and Shapes: Understanding the basic forms and shapes is essential for creating tattoos that flow with the body's natural curves.

  2. Composition: Composition is the arrangement of elements in a design. I will teach you how to create a balanced composition that is visually appealing and flows well with the body.

  3. Light and Shadow: Understanding how light and shadow work is essential for creating tattoos that have depth and dimension.

  4. Color Harmony: Understanding color theory is essential for creating tattoos that are visually appealing and harmonious.


The training plan is divided into four modules, each covering one of the topics mentioned above. Each module takes one week to complete, with an additional week for final application on live demo which will cover whatever you have learned in 4 weeks making a total training time of 5 weeks. I offer three batches per year,

with the first batch in winter (February-March),

the second batch in summer (June-July),

and the third batch in fall (October-November).


The cost of the training program is  $2,000 +HST  which you can pay in cash, e-transfer or pay with debit/ credit card.  

Seats are limited, I prefer only 10 students max in a batch which is on first come basis.

Online Training  (EST)

Registration Process:

1) Fill the request registration form below and you will be notified by an email within 24-48 hours about the acceptance or rejection of application.

2) If accepted then you will be given link to pay registration fee which is $300 + HST. Once paid you will receive an invoice with remaining balance  ($1700 + HST ) and due date i.e 30 days before the start of new batch.

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