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Charming Medusa, with her snakes so fair,
A symbol of strength, with a heart that cares,
For in this world, it's hard to survive,
Without the balance of both cruel and kind.A girl who's strong, like Medusa's stare,
But also sweet, like a mother's care,
Can face the challenges of life with ease,
And overcome the obstacles with grace and peace.For in this world, we need both strength and love,
To rise above the struggles and soar above,
And in the balance of these two extremes,
We find the power to achieve our dreams.So let us celebrate the girls who dare,
To be both cruel and kind, and yet so fair,
For they are the ones who will survive,
And thrive in this world, with strength and drive.


Charming Medusa

Excluding GST/HST
  • This design is one of a kind and is only available to be tattooed once. All Flash designs from our shop are ready to be booked without a scheduled consultation appointment once claimed and deposit is made here.

    Title : Charming Medusa

    Placement : Arm Sleeve

    Session Required : 2 -3 Full day session

    Color Palette :  Color

    Price : $ 2000-2700

    *If it takes less time, (depending on the size of your arm, and how receptive your skin is) then price will be adjusted according to the total time of the tattoo session.

    Deposit Required : $ 500

    Once, deposit is made, we will call you to book your appointment.

    The deposit gets deducted from final price on the day of your appointment when you pay the balance after getting inked.

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